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Media planning:

  • Development and development of annual plans (flow plans);
  • Create and optimize media plans for a specific period (deadline submission of the plan – no more than three days before the start of placement);
  • Revision and update of media plans (for example, due to changes in TV viewing and TV programming)

Media buying:

  • Placement and optimization of the quality of procurement;
  • Operational revision and editing of placement;
  • Reports on placement and reconciliation with monitoring, analysis of the most important criteria.

PBA – Post-Buying Analysis:

  • SOV/SOS reports(Share of Voice and/or Share of Spends);
  • GRP (TRP) reports;
  • Monthly competitive report (for example, on TV placement) and evaluation of the dynamics in the category in the future.

Media Market Review (Key Trends and Forecasts):

  • Creative monitoring;
  • Report and analysis of the content and communication strategy of competitors in the category (eg, evaluation of TV commercials);
  • Provision of TV commercials of competitors;
  • Creation and adaptation of promotional materials.

The other (additional) services can be provided in accordance with the requests.

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